Works with Foams, Sodas & Syphon

Who is this course for?

The ‘Foams, sodas and works with siphon’ online course, is aimed to professionals and amateurs on culinary, pastry and mixology.

In this online course, you will find the information to understand the techniques used on the siphon world, and thus be able to create your own foams, your own sodas and other modern preparations made with siphons.


26 video-recipes with different techniques that you can follow step by step.

More than 50 minutes of video.

All recipes to download on PDF along with the theory.

Course content

  • Types of siphon
  • How to use the siphons
  • Security
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the siphon
  • How stabilize foams
  • Hot and cold foams
  • How to work with hot siphons
  • Fat based foams
  • Gelatin based foams
  • Egg white based foams
  • Starch based foams
  • Siphon microwave-cakes
  • Suflairs
  • Cooked foams and showcooking
  • Sodas
  • Sweet and savory recipes


  • Condensed milk foam
  • Foie gras foam
  • Gorgonzola cheese foam
  • Parmesan cheese foam
  • Raspberry foam
  • Cucumbert and yogurt foam
  • Tomato and kimchee foam
  • Toffee and hazelnut foam
  • Mojito foam
  • All i oli foam
  • Catalan cream foam  (Lemon, orange and cinnamon cream)
  • Parmesan bechamel foam
  • Pineapple and coconut foam
  • Mango and passion fruit foam
  • Porcini mushrooms hot foam
  • Brown butter hot foam
  • Dark chocolate hot foam
  • Potato and red curry hot foam
  • Omelette soufflé
  • Hazelnut microwave cake
  • Tomato microwave cake
  • Mandarin soda
  • Gin Fizz soda
  • Hibiscus soda
  • Hazelnut suflair
  • Chocolate suflair

The ‘Foams, sodas and works with siphon’ online course can be made at your own rhythm and anytime.

The acquiring process is simple: create your account, select the course, add it to the shopping list, make the payment and access to the course. Buying the course create a code that will be associated to your account. With this code you will have access to the course during one year to whatch it wherever, whenever and all the times you want to.


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