Theoretical Dossier in pdf

Foams, Carbonation, and Siphon Techniques



Theoretical Dossier

on “Foams, Carbonation, and Siphon Techniques”

Understand all the concepts from the world of foams, sodas, and siphon techniques with this theoretical dossier in pdf available to print or download to consult offline, prepared by Chef Martín Lippo.

Here at Vakuum we have created the first and only theoretical dossier on foams, carbonation, and siphon techniques, thinking about how to transmit the concepts and techniques in the best way from the bases to the newest and deepest methods. Always in a clear, technical and professional way as if it were myself and the Vakuum team who took the course.


This is the theoretical dossier with which you will learn from the bases to the most advanced methods in the world of foams, sodas, and all siphon techniques. It has been created from the Vakuum lab by Chef Martín Lippo with the aim of serving as a training and can help you understand how to work with siphons, know the foams, foams with texturizers, how to make sodas, carbonation, and many cutting-edge techniques related to this world.

On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that this theoretical dossier is already included in the “COMPLETE PACK OF FOAMS, CARBONATION, AND SIPHON TECHNIQUES” course and that it will help you to follow the course and understand much more deeply the why of the technique and professional theory that every cook should know in order to create their own recipes with siphons.
Here at Vakuum we recommend this dossier as a basic component to all foam courses. Here are the links so that you can consult them:

The theoretical dossier is designed for professionals in cooking, pastry, cocktails, and the ice cream parlor who want to deepen and obtain more specific knowledge of foams, sodas, and siphons. The language used is technical and professional, and, at the same time, easy to follow which allows any lover of cooking and student to understand the advice and theory explained in the dossier. It is designed for those chefs and lovers of molecular cuisine who want to acquire the online courses specialized in foams separately, as these did not include the theoretical dossier.

Content on the pdf dossier

1. The Siphons

  • Whipping siphons
  • The Capsules
  • How to use the whipping siphon
  • The basics: assemble cream
  • The basics: whipping cream
  • Safety
  • Cleaning and Maintenance

2. The Foams

  • What is a Foam?
  • Types of Foams
  • Fat-based foams
  • Gelatin-based foams
  • Egg white-based foams
  • Starch-based foams
  • Xanthan gum-based foams
  • Fluid gel-based foams (agar, iota, kappa)
  • Texturizers in foams
  • Stabilizers
  • Thickeners
  • Gelatin
  • Bloom and gelatin weights in leaves
  • Gelatin mass
  • Agar-agar
  • Xanthan gum (E-415)
  • Carrageenan iota (E-407)
  • Carrageen kappa (E-407)
  • Lecithin (E-407)
  • Sucro Emul (Sosa)
  • Glycemul (Sosa)
  • Commerical preparations for making foams
  • Thermo-reversibility
  • Uses of foams according to their texture
  • Foams in cocktails
  • Frozen foams
  • Foamy soups
  • Cooked foams
  • Souflair
  • Marinating and infusing under pressure
  • The work during service in the restaurant or in the bar
  • Facts about the whipped cream and siphon intended for bars and restaurants
  • Preservation of foams inside the siphon

3. The sodas

  • Carbonation of sodas
  • Sodas with texturizers
  • Arabic gum (E-414)
  • Twist’n Sparkle
  • How to make soda in whipping siphons
  • Carbonation of fruits
  • Procedure
  • Simple syrup

Who is this Dossier for?

Although written for professionals, this dossier teaches all the theory from the bases to the most advanced methods on foams, carbonation, and siphon techniques.

It is easy to follow and understand for any lover of cooking, pastry, ice cream, and cocktails.

If what you are looking for is complementary information to your studies that gives you specific knowledge about this world, this dossier on “Foams, Carbonation, and Siphon Techniques” is made for you.

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