• The Master in ‘Foams, sodas and techniques with the whipping siphon’, is a course for professionals chefs, pastry chefs and bartenders but also amateurs.
  • In this Master you will find the necessary information to understand the different techniques of the whipping siphon, and thus be able to create your own foams, your own sodas and other modern preparations made with a siphon.
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  • Certificate of training signed by Chef Martin Lippo.
  • 100% online course. Learn from anywhere using any device with internet access.
  • 6 classes of guided training in 3 weeks.
  • Live sessions every Monday and Wednesday: 2 weekly classes of 3 hours of theoretical training.
  • More than 60 recipes in PDF and video to make at your own pace.
  • Questions and answers during live sessions.
  • Access the content for 8 months.
  • Theoretical dossier that includes all the technical information.
  • Downloadable teaching material. Print or download the material in PDF to consult it Offline (Recipes; theoretical book; list of reference bibliography).
  • 18 hours of training. Dedicating 5 hours a week doing your recipe tests, you will be able to reach the expected level.
  • Self-evaluation test for you to test your knowledge.

This Master in Foams, sodas and techniques with whipping siphon is structured so that each week you can do your own tests of the recipes and put into practice the theory that you have learned during the live training of every Monday and Wednesday.

At the end of each live session, recipes will be discussed and questions and answers about the theory will be given.

The live classes will be recorded and will be available with the rest of the course content for 8 months so that you can access them if you wish.

 The specific didactic material of each session will be sent to you, before each new live class.

Session 0 (27 January 2022):

First sending of the theoretical book.

Session 1 (1 February 2022, from 10.00h to 13.00h GMT+1) includes a 15 minute break:

Course explanation
History of foams
Types of siphons
How to use the siphon
Types and families of foams
The different textures
Cold foams
Foams with gelatine
Foams with fat

Recipes session 1:

  • Blood peach foam
  • Red berries foam
  • Tomato water foam
  • Mussel foam
  • Mint and lemon foam
  • Basil and tomato foam
  • Yogurt foam
  • Foie gras foam with Port wine and 4 spices
  • Dulce de leche foam

Session 2 (3 February 2022, from 10.00h to 13.00h GMT+1) includes a 15 minute break:

Tools for hot foam processing
The bain Marie and the thermal circulator
Cold foams with egg white or lightened with egg white
Hot foams
Hot foams with egg white
Hot and cold starchy foams
Foamy soups

Recipes session 2:

  • Idiazabal cheese foam
  • Foamy pesto
  • Butterscotch foam
  • Pistachio foam
  • Kalamansi foam
  • Red prawn aioli foam
  • Hot ceps mushroom foam
  • Anchovy butter foam
  • Passion mojito foam
  • Foamy bechamel with cheese and black truffle
  • Hazelnut hot chocolate foam
  • Hot potato and cep mushrooms foam
  • Foamy pastry cream
  • Foamy pea soup

Session 3 (7 February 2022, from 10.00h to 13.00h GMT+1) includes a 15 minute break:


Foams with texturizers
Iota, xanthan gum, glyce, lecithin, agar, sucro
Foams with mixtures
The decorating nozzles

Recipes session 3:

  • Spicy mango foam (with iota)
  • Red bell pepper siphoned mousse (with iota)
  • Piña colada foam (with xanthan gum)
  • Hot goat cheese foam (with xanthan gum)
  • Black currant foam (with albumin)
  • Hot pumpkin foam (with agar agar)
  • Tonka bean and milk foam (with kappa)
  • Foamy daiquiri (with sucro emul)
  • Hazelnut oil foam (with glice)
  • Mandarin foam for drinks (with lecithin)

Session 4 (9 February 2022,  from 10.00h to 13.00h GMT+1) includes a 15 minute break:


Cooked foams
Foams for frying
Microwave cakes
Dehydrated cakes
On a griddle or frying pan
Show cooking with whipping siphons
The souflair and aireado technique
Souflair in Green-Vac, in jars, directly siphoned

Recipes session 4:

  • Sudachi hollandaise foam (sous vide cooked base)
  • Frozen raspberry foam (with anti-freezing agent)
  • Black sesame and miso siphon sponge cake
  • Sweet pistachio rocks
  • Siphoned pancake
  • Siphoned waffle
  • Foie gras caramelized blini
  • Siphoned deep-fried pizza
  • Asian-style shrimp omelet soufflé
  • Cheese and herbs omelet soufflé
  • Milk chocolate and cinnamon souflair (without sous vide)
  • Toasted almond souflair (in jasr)
  • Hot and smoked chocolate souflair (in green-vac)
  • Sweet gazpacho aireado

Session 5 (14 February 2022, from 10.00h to 13.00h GMT+1) includes a 15 minute break:

The soda siphon
About carbonation
‘Twist and shake’ for bartenders
Sodas in the whipping siphon
Effervescent carbonated fruits
Texturized sodas
Carbonated tempura

Recipes session 5:

  • Apple soda
  • Lemonade
  • Earl grey tea and peach soda
  • Spiced wine soda
  • Bergamot gin fizz (in whipping siphon)
  • Texturized lime gin and tonic
  • Blood orange and campari foamy soda
  • Mint foamy soda
  • Orange soda
  • Fizzy blackberries
  • Carbonated grapes
  • Carbonated marinated strawberries
  • Effervescent mango with cointreau
  • Siphoned tempura
  • Pressure marinated salmon
Session 6 (16 February 2022, from 10.00h to 13.00h GMT+1) includes a 15 minute break:

Quick infusions and marinades under pressure

Rapid infusion accessories

General review

Questions and answers

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