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Largo Francisco Mauricio 7 Portimao

Pedro Teles Ramos

Born in Covilha, since childhood his mother and grandmother put him in the kitchen where he has learned to read and write with family recipes that he copied for his notebooks.


Self-taught in the kitchen, he trains in Business and spends half of his life in film and music event production projects, with the IMAGO festival (2000-2009) being his most relevant event.


In 2003 it was brought to Barcelona, ​​where in 2006 it opened the first A CASA PORTUGUESA, gastronomic / gourmet project dedicated exclusively to the dissemination and preparation of Portuguese cuisine and pastry where it shares ovens and stoves with its partner Emidio Freire.


In 2016 after 10 years and 4 different locations / concepts in Barcelona (Pastry Shop, Wine Bar, Restaurant, Gourmet Gallery), he returns to Portugal, and chooses the Algarve for family reasons but also for the extraordinary quality of life that can be find.


Today he lives between Portimao and Barcelona where he continues to lead the current 2 projects of A CASA PORTUGUESA (Gracia and Raval), which as “Portuguese Gastronomic Embassy in Barcelona” continues to constantly provate and give to provar the best recipes, wines and all kinds of gourmet products.


Since 2017, he joined the Nitrocatering team to launch the project in Portugal with Martin Lippo.